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I can remember being in some bar in Bishop, California talking to Matt Heason and his soon-to-be-wife Sophie about Matt's plans for staging climbing events back in Blighty. It needed doing, no one was organising inspiring climbing lectures and at the time even Jerry Moffat could only pull in 30 people or so. Matt and Sophie were on a round-the-world climbing trip but in moments of reflection in Matt's fertile brain he was contemplating his eventual return to the reality of making a living. He delivered.

That must have been 5 years ago and anyway you can read about my reminiscing in this article here. But I like that, someone has a dream and rather than so much hot air, they make it come true and in the process give pleasure to so many people and make a living.

So first we had Matt's Heason Events, launched in 2003, that has an array of climbing and mountaineering stars who travel across the UK entertaining and inspiring us. Then three years ago Matt started the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival or ShAFF which "bring together the best of the films shown at the best of the festivals, new films that have not yet been screened, and old favourites." Matt then stepped upto the plate and organised Sheffield's Cliffhanger touted as the UK's largest outdoor outdoor-pursuits festival.

In advertising, repeat business is a measure of success and Matt's Sheffield Adventure Film Festival is now celebrating its third year and if you want to experience some top climbing and adventure films make sure that you are in Sheffield the weekend of Feb 29th to March 2nd.

Here is what you have got to look forward to, but first off:

"UKClimbing users (there's about 60,000 of you) can secure themselves a nice discount on tickets to ShAFF this year. Simply quote 'Stanage' when ordering via the Showroom Box Office (0114 275 7727) and you will be charged £5 instead of the normal £6.20

Hold on. Do I really have to list everything?

Go to Matt's site, view the video and look at the itinery, it's impressive. Click your mouse on this link: are proud to be the sole media sponsor of the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival

Next up we shall talk about the Llanberis Mountain Film Festival happening on 7th - 9th March 2008. are also a media sponsor of that event along with our partner CLIMB magazine. We shall be reading some of our favourite My First Outdoor Lead essays at this event.

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