ShAFF Winners Announced

The third annual Sheffield Adventure Film Festival took place over the weekend of Feb 29 to Mar 2. Despite frustratingly nice weather more people than ever turned up. Films for Adrenaline Junkies and an experimental live interview between Gordon Stainforth and event patron Joe Simpson proved to be the highlights of the weekend.

The festival winners were:

Grand Prize
Winner - King Lines - El Pontas - £200

Best Climbing Film
Winner - Hard XS - Choss - £200
Special Mention - I Can Do That

Best Non-Climbing Film
Winner - Cuban Skateboard Crisis - £200
Special Mention - Coast To Coast
Special Mention - Oil & Water Project

Best Adrenaline Film
Winner - Aerialist - £200
Special Mention - 9 Winters Old - Snowboarding

Best Short Film
Winner - Zoltan - £200
Special Mention - 9 Winters Old - The Expert

During judging it was decided that there was a need to add a 6th category for the film that best captured the 'Spirit Of Adventure'. This was awarded to: Underdeveloped - Festival Cut

ShAFF would like to thank judges Ian Parnell, Niall Grimes and Gordon Stainforth.

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