Local News: Heart-Stopping Slate Action: Literally!

New route development continues apace in the Dinorwig slate quarries. The ever enthusiastic Colin Goodey is one of the climbers at the spearhead of all this activity.

An unclimbed line caught his eye. After struggling to get up it on a top-rope, Colin realised it was likely to prove too hard for him to lead. So he got some younger and better climbers to top-rope it, giving him an idea of how far out of his reach it was. They reported back it felt around F6b+, was very worthwhile and urged Colin to continue with his efforts:

"So I did but one day with my wife Sue I had a mild heart attack on the bloody thing - I suffer from Angina - and called it a day for a while."

Neil Gresham later drew up a coaching programme for Colin which he followed to the letter for three weeks before going on to successfully lead the climb, partnered by Mark Helliwell.

Full details and more info on Colin's heart stopping ascent and his other new routes, plus general slate info on the Snowdonia Active Website

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