British Bouldering Championship Wall Preview

For many climbers the main attraction at this weekend's Cliffhanger event in Sheffield is the British Bouldering Championships which will be held over both days of the weekend. An extensive wall has been built by The Climbing Works, with brand new matting supplied by Sheffield City Council. The wall and structure looks superb and it is situated in a huge circus-style marque (imported direct from Glastonbury).

Competitors Gaz Parry - the reigning Men's champion, Luke Tilly and Leah Crane all turned up for a look to see the layout of what they would be battling with at the weekend. Of course none of the holds were on but Leah had a go at the dyno competition wall, and Luke and Gaz did some demonstrations for the local TV. Leah confessed to feeling nervous just walking into the marquee which gives some indication of how big and impressive the wall and setting are.

The weather forecast doesn't look too promising for the weekend but the bouldering comp will be unaffected and, unlike last year, there is masses of room for spectators to keep dry and get a good view as well.

More info on the event at the Cliffhanger web site.

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