The Sky Pirates of Hoy.......first B.A.S.E jump

In 1966 Chris Bonington, Rusty Baillie and Tom Patey made the first ascent of the 137m (450ft) Old Man of Hoy situated on west coast of the island of Hoy, in the Orkney Islands, Scotland.

The following year they repeated the climb for a BBC outside broadcast, watched by 23 million viewers. Since then the Old Man of Hoy has become an important objective for climbers in the UK seeing hundreds of ascents each year. Get there quick if you haven't climbed this totem of decaying Orcadian sandstone, many believe it will soon collapse into the North Atlantic.

The usual descent off the Old Man is by abseil.

But not for Roger Holmes, Gus Hutchinson-Brown and Tim Emmett, who made the first recorded B.A.S.E. descent of The Old Man Hoy at 9.00pm, May 14th, 2008.

Below is a short film of their adventure, dedicated to Gus Hutchinson-Brown who sadly died in a B.A.S.E jumping accident in Austria after this descent.

You can read an account of their adventure by Tim Emmett at the new Planet Fear website

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