Video Link: Sonnie Trotter Climbing Rhapsody

Available now on the Patagonia Website is a new feature - The Tin Shed. Patagonia was founded by Yvon Chouinard, who made his original pitons in a tin shed. The shed is still owned by Patagonia and is on their business premises.

In their words: "The tin shed still stands - and stands for all we hold dear... ...What once housed the heavy equipment now holds our stories."

The new tin shed is an area of their website, which houses videos of their sponsored athletes or 'Patagonia Ambassadors'.

Of particular interest to UK climbers is the excellent video by HotAches Productions featuring Sonnie Trotter climbing Rhapsody.

Topping out on Rhapsody, Sonnie says: "Man I could not be happier right now!"

Direct Link to the Patagonia Tin Shed

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