Film Talent That Is Yet To Shine

Trad Films, in conjunction with next years Outdoor Show are giving six lucky aspirant filmmakers a big chance.

Get kitted out with latest broadcast camera gear and financially supported to follow a top class extreme athlete on one of their death defying adventures... including athletes like Tim Emmett and Andy Kirkpatrick.

The organiser, Mike Weeks, doesn't want anyone who has ever had their film work paid for or broadcast in a commercial way. You have to upload a two minute clip of your work to be a contender.

You'll need to be available to go to London for one day in November and to go away for up to a week in December/January.

TRAD will launch at the March (27th – 29th) 2009 Outdoors Show at the NEC, Birmingham, where those chosen will present their documentary alongside the athlete filmed, to a rather large theatre audience.

How to enter here:

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