Local News: Bransby & Robins - New Pembroke E7

Ray Wood reports on the DMM Website:

Pete Robins and Ben Bransby, were deservedly chuffed to recently complete a Pembroke project they first tried about 10 years ago, on the horizontally banded Mt Sion Central, Range West.

Pete said: " 'Monkey Journey to the West' is an amazing route on one of the most impressive and futuristic crags in Britain. We only managed a frigged ascent spread over two days on our first attempt. At one point on the second pitch, we both managed to get stranded on a ledge 120ft above the sea with no protection, where I accidentally smacked Ben in the face and knocked his glasses into the sea, making him virtually blind. I then had to solo down 6a ground to a runner and we retreated into the sea, before finally swimming to safety."

Monkey Journey to the West is graded E7 (6c, 6b, 5c)

Full Report With Photos: DMM Website

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