Island prophet climbs new 8C

Dave Graham, a true master of his own world, has made the coveted FA of the sit down start to Boogalagga, at Chironico, Swizzy. Big paw weighing in around the mighty 8C mark, is the 3rd of the grade for Dave in this particular region of the world, Ticino that is.
Or is it?
Today, it seems he's leaning more towards the 8C+ grade for his "new standard for 8C, The story of 2 worlds at Cresciano (Dreamtime boulder): "Climbers like Daniel Woods are telling me over and over how this boulder must be the standard for 8C+, and I think this is interesting, as I did grade it a rather bizarre manner."
If we take Dave's word for it, which we've no reason not to, it's basically an 8B, or more probably 8B+ as it his style, linking into another 8B+ (the Dagger), making 8C+ more than likely.
Check BigUp productions for more details.

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