METOLIUS competition: Surprise Super Prize... a full set of Master Cams

Christmas came early for the winner of the 25th question in the METOLIUS COMP: 25 years, 25 cams, 25 days.

24 Metolius cams had been won by 24 climbers (see winners below) then Beyond Hope pulled out a special Christmas present for question 25 which was, Q25: What is the name of Metolius new single stem cam? (and it's just arrived in the UK)

The answer, as many climbers sent in was, the Master Cam. Luke Ward from Selby was the winner and Mike Lloyd of Beyond Hope notified Luke.

Hi Luke,

Congratulations, you've won the Metolius 25 Years Competition for your answer to Question 25. As the lucky winner on the last day, we've decided to give you a surprise Christmas present, a whole set of the new Master Cams!

We will send these via courier so that you get them before Christmas. Have a great Christmas & New Year, and I hope you enjoy using your new Master Cams! Congratulations again!


Luke, understandably, was over the moon at winning eight shiny new Master Cams.

Luke said, "Thank you for your festive generosity; it is much appreciated and means I will receive at least one Christmas present appropriate to my interests... rather than the usual toiletry sets! I've never used Metolius cams before but I am really looking forward to trying them out and I'm sure they will enhance my scrabblings on Yorkshire and Peak District outcrops (if they ever dry). Hopefully, they will give me the margin I need to push on during those long and lonely limestone leads (where I think their narrow heads will come in very handy). And who knows, now for once I may stand a chance of fulfilling a New Year's grade improvement resolution! Thank you and Merry Christmas.

The winners are below, and both winners and the answers to all 25 questions are at METOLIUS COMP: 25 years, 25 cams, 25 days

Winners of the METOLIUS COMP: 25 years, 25 cams, 25 days

Claire Maw, Huddersfield
Jack Pearce, Broadstone, Dorset
James Sparkes, Edinburgh
Emily Goodman, Chester
Luke Porter, Cononley
Phil Applegate, Sheffield
Steve Wall, Liverpool,   
Andy White, Bridgend, Glamorgan 
Alex Gandy, Durham
Hannah Beresford, Loughborough
Jenny Slaughter, Bristol
George Sadler, Helsby
Petra Ernst, Buxworth
Frodo Stickel, Ringwood
Matt Hopkinson, Leeds
Dan Butcher, Bristol
Katie Macinness, Helsby
Rosa Balbin, Ringwood
Ari Sherr, London
Mike Lea, Ovington
Ben Wetherill, Bristol
Ash Brewer,Southampton
Nicola Sommers, Newcastle
Jenny Rogers, Penrith
Luke Ward, Selby

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