Jumbo again

"Jumbo" Landman has done it again. This weekend he repeated Khéops assis, 8C, at Cuvier Rempart: "I pulled on and made my way up to the razor sharp crimp, pulling on it hard yet delicately. I felt light, Qijong light. I was going to the top and there was no doubt about it. I arrived at the crux building my feet high, sucked in on the sidepull and reached up to the sloper slower than ever before. Stallone flashed through my mind, over the top I thought, over the top. I adjusted on the key hold, something previously precarious now comfortable as ever. I climbed to the top as reality had its delayed set in. What had once appeared impossible, had become a formality, something many levels below my limit. It is safe to say that I feel nowhere near my max, and I hope to one day dedicate myself to climbing something close to my limit."
The day after, he made a quick ascent of the classic prow Partage, 8A/+, at Buthiers Piscine, after getting close to flashing it and then pulling off a hold near the top on the 2nd try.

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