It's Hamer Time

Edward Hamer is 16 years old and started climbing four years ago. He is amassing quite a ticklist during his school holidays, with a very productive trip to North Wales late last year (UKC News).

He has just had another week off school and ticked the following in a brief 4 day blitz:

Rain Dogs (F8a) at Malham, The Sissy (F8a) and The Press Low Right (V11), Tsunami (V11). The Press (V8+) all at Rubicon and Ben's Roof (V10) and The Pocket (V9) at Raven Tor.

Edward is hoping to compete in five international competitions with the British team this year.

Edward Hamer is sponsored by Evolv and Metolius

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3 Mar, 2009
Thanks to Simon Lee for the inspiration for this headline! And well done to Edward! Jack
3 Mar, 2009
It does make me laugh, when you are young you can still think "im gona be that good when im older", then you realise that actually all the guys who are tearing it up are now your age or younger.....
3 Mar, 2009
Brilliant, in such a short space of time. Did he start climbing in November or move to the UK in November?
3 Mar, 2009
Ha, you're only 21 mate!!
3 Mar, 2009
I believe he moved to the UK in November - from where I am not too sure. It's a great effort. Go Ed! Jack
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