Jumbo repeats Satan i helvete assis, 8C

Ty Landman is really up to speed now in the forest. Yesterday he made the coveted 2nd ascent of Sebastien Frigault's Satan i helvete assis, 8C, at Coquibus Longs Vaux. "Today marks the arrival at a new level in my climbing. I am not sure how I got here, or when, but I know that some transformation has occurred recently. After looking back over the last months and what I may have done differently, I believe it was the month I took off over Christmas that has allowed me to step it up a notch. After this rest, I went through a couple weeks of weakness and low motivation, but after working through these phases, I found myself back at the level I was before I took the break. However, my upwards trend did not end there, it kept going above the previous plateau. Today, I realized that something has changed, and oh am I glad it has. "

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