Lizenz zum Klettern 2

A couple of weeks back, Toni Lamprecht made the FA of Bokassa's fridge-Assassin monkey and man, 8C+, at Kochel, Germany.
Those of you interested in knowing more about the process behind such a climb should definitely check out Udo Neumann's Lizenz zum Klettern 2.
One part of the almost five hour long DVD is dedicated to following Toni's step by step, or rather move by move, progress when working Assassin monkey and man, 8C, the second part of the mega problem.
The aim of the DVD is to answer the questions: What do we know about climbing today? and How can this help us to become better climbers?
In order to find the answers, Udo looks at competition climbers, rock climbers and monkeys, analyzing the movements to find clues helping us to understand more.
In a very interesting and fascinating classic interview, Dave Graham explains "the importance of being weak". Great stuff!
So, if you're interested in input helping you to become a better, more complete, climber, and your German is half decent, you should get your copy today. Here's where to buy.

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