Canon's extended dream

Planet Mountain Italian Grandmaster, Luca "Canon" Zardini, has done the FA of La linea dei Sogni (The dream line), 8c+, a 15m vertical extension to the legendary Sogni di gloria (Dreams of glory), 8b+, at Erto, Italy.
The latter was done back in 1987 by Gerhard Hörhager: "In December 1987 I did a route in Erto Italy which people have now upgraded to 8c. (Grades are more moderate now)
I think if somebody opened this route now, they could grade it 8c, (soft). When I made the first ascent I graded it 8b+, super cool route and it was a hard fight."

Photo 1: Luca Zardini making one of the first repeats of 'Sogni di gloria" in 1991, courtesy of Planet Mountain
Photo 2: Gerhard Hörhager

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