New 8C/+ by Berni Schwaiger

Bernhard Schwaiger has wrapped up one of his old projects in the Austrian Saalachtal. The full story of the birth of Dust devil, 8C/+, and it's a long story, can be found (in German) on his website, along with photos. The grade, which translates to V15/16, means this 10 mover is a contender for the hardest on the planet or elsewhere.
Berni is definitely no stranger to hard bouldering, having done problems like Zunami, 8C/+ (FA), Memento, 8? (2nd ascent) and Anam Cara, 8C (2nd ascent), as well as scores of 8B+'s and 8B's.
What do you say Berni, a vacation in the lake District perhaps? Plenty of unrepeated Gaskins-problems awaiting 2nd ascents...

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