8B flash by Mogaki

Others have been close. Dave Graham, for example, fell off on the last move on his flash attempt, but now it's done: Keita Mogaki has done the first ever flash ascent of Fred Nicole's La danse de balrog at Branson in the Vallais region of Switzerland. This was the first problem to be given 8B back in 1992.
Keita joins the exclusive ranks of Paul Robinson and a few others, who've flashed this grade. Exactly how big this club is is impossible to answer as a flash ascent of an 8B seems to, almost by default, cause an instant downgrade...
Photo: Keita Mogaki on 'La danse de balrog', 8B, Branson.
Video: Sebastian Spauwen doing a variation of 'La danse...'

Sebastian Spauwen climbing 'La Danse de Balrog' fb 8a+ (not the original start) from joost on Vimeo.

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