PHOTOS: Ben Litster Repeats Requiem

Ben Litster - Requiem, 145 kb
Ben Litster - Requiem
© Ben Lister Collection
Scottish climber Ben Litster has repeated the classic crack climb Requiem at Dumbarton.

Requiem is the tough (E7/8 - around F8a+) crack first climbed by Scottish legend Dave Cuthbertson back in 1983.

More recently Requiem has been better known as the start to the super hard extension, Rhapsody.

Ben commented: "I'm pretty pleased, now I'm going to start really trying Dave's E9 to the left."


More info for those who wanted to know:

Ben commented:

"I did it placing the gear on lead (minus 2 stuck nuts which just I fell on and now are pretty stuck!). I didn't clip the old preplaced wires at the top because I felt I couldn't stop to place them on lead so felt I couldn't clip them as I went up, which meant it was a bit more scary but still safe!

Not sure which ascent it was but the route has so much history it was a great experience!"

Ben Litster - Requiem, Dumbarton, 137 kb
Ben Litster - Requiem, Dumbarton
© Ben Lister Collection
Ben Litster - Bomber gear on Requiem, Dumbarton, 122 kb
Ben Litster - Bomber gear on Requiem, Dumbarton
© Ben Lister Collection

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