UKC, Swiss bouldering guide online!

I got an email from Wolfgang Antz:
"I am starting to build up a new website and - to my information - this will be the first real online boulder guidebook in Switzerland.
On you can have a look what the status is so far.
I'd like to emphasize that should not only be a boulder topo:
- I also aim to propose a "boulder kodex" with some gentle rules and directions how to behave in the forest in order not to disturb the wildlife and in order to act in agreement with hunters, foresters and landowners.
- I think publication of several spots is the right way to go since - by doing so - the boulder folks will be spread on different sites finally preventing overloading of single published spots, resulting in less problems with the other stakeholders mentioned above.
- I'd like to publish high quality topos.
And with this website I don't aim to make financial profit ;-)
It will be free of charge for the user, possibly re-financed through some internet marketing banners (will see).
The entire idea and the kodex you will find on the page "Philosophie"

Today I am in the third year intensively working on the research, cleaning boulders, on drawing the topos, on talking to
many people and stakeholders - just to let you know how motivated I
am to make a good contribution to all boulder folks and the counterparts around (landowners etc.) and I am convinced that there is mostly agreement on my project

Best boulder wishes from Bern,
Wolfgang Antz

This is really a great initiative and Wolfgang is doing a brilliant job! We should support him in every way we can.

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