Climber Crushed By Falling Boulders

Fair Head in fog, 35 kb
Fair Head in fog
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Major Operation To Rescue Stuck Climber Below Fair Head, Northern Ireland:

A climber was pinned beneath huge boulders below Fair Head last Saturday.

A spokesperson for the Maritime and Coastguard Agency said:

“When the Coastguard team arrived on scene they found a male climber at the base of the 600ft cliff who had become pinned by several large boulders that had fallen on him when he was about to begin climbing.

“Because of the nature of incident and the weight of the rocks the team was unable to free him, and so the helicopter was sent to Belfast to pick up a local Fire and Rescue team who have the specialist training and equipment needed to attempt to free the man.

“They also collected a doctor who specialises in crush injuries to give advice on safely manoeuvring the casualty.

“Once the specialist Fire and Rescue team and doctor arrived on scene the team assessed the casualty and sent the helicopter to retrieve more equipment. After five hours of work by all teams on scene the man was finally freed at half-past-seven and it was assessed that the safest way to transfer the casualty into the helicopter was to place him on a stretcher and for the Coastguard rescue team to take him up the cliff to the waiting helicopter.”

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