Ondra repeats Im Reich des Shogun

Again, when I thought he couldn't surprise me again, he does it... again. Now, Adam Ondra has made the ultra coveted 2nd ascent of Eric Talmadge's Im Reich des Shogun, at Tüfleten, Swizzy, given 9a, but rumoured to be harder after having been tried by many world class climbers without success. Talmadge himself needed a total of 13 years for the FA back in 2000 (I suspect he wasn't working it constantly though), Adam used 5 tries, spread over two days...
In the last 18 days, he's done 4 9a's. He's also onsighted an unnamed 8c and 4 8b+'s, including Ravage, at Chuenisberg (8b+/c really, and possibly the most difficult route at the time of Antoine Le Ménestrelle's FA in 1986). If he keeps this pace up, he'll have climbed every route and boulder ever thought of by man by 12 April next year.
Rumour has it, Adam can now cure blindness and the common cold.
More to come.

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