Philippe Ribière interview

Philippe Ribière interview
Philippe, who was born with the Rubinstein-Taybi syndome, is: climber, President of l'association Handi-Grimpe Sportif de haut niveau, fire juggler, musician, etc, etc. Quite an interesting guy!
We should perhaps consider ourselves lucky Philippe discovered climbing. If not,
it's very possible the world would be...a less nice place to be. In his own words he could otherwise be "the
winner of the « Nobel Prize Bullshiteur»-award. I could be the fucking junk food, to work with Jean Sarkozy, H1N1 virus, president of Sweden, the viagra and the sex toys. And to be your master and you, my slave". As the more intelligent of my readers have possibly understood by now, you mustn't take all Philippe says too seriously...
Currently he's doing the Evolution-tour. I decided to make an interview.

Who is Philippe Ribiere?

Philippe Ribiere is a little big man who lives in the south of the France
between two buildings. Your questions is very difficult...
How i can to give you a reply? So, I'm a player and I respond with
arrogance... Philippe Ribiere is so beautiful, loves the seduce, likes to look in the mirror. Philip, and this is normal, has a high opinion of himself. Philip does not belittle himself to
answer your questions. He is interested in himself and hate people... Ok, I'll stop my ironic reply...
I'm interested in many things, like climbing, music, photography, film making, writing and juggling with fire.

How and when did you first start climbing?
I started climbing by accident. I was a strong cyclist and when I came back in my town, I wanted to register in the club. The guy just looked at me and said "No", because I was disabled. Maybe, it was better this way, because I didn't want to take the drugs for doping...;) Sick!

Was it "love at first sight"?
Not really. It wasn't until just after the national championship that I understood that climbing could be my passion or my life.

What does climbing mean to you today? Why is it important?
Climbing is my favorite activity, but you know, it's difficult to be «professional» when you're «disabled» like me. Ok! In France, it's great because my sponsors have helped me a lot and I'm proud of that. If Petzl didn't help me during 6 years, I wouldn't be here and meet the most famous, strongest climbers. People who are my friends now.
At this period of my life, I'm working to change my private life and become a "free man". The most important is to discover my mind, my feelings... to meet other people and to accept more my body in the real society.
After, I've the others hobbies like singing, making the fire-show, making the climbing movie, etc etc.

What's your personal best in climbing?
When I started this sport, I thought that I could never reach the 7a level. I thought that my hands were too fragile, but the truth is that it was just my brain who stopped my progression. I discovered this during my Evolution Tour, by training with Adam Ondra, thomas Mrazek and Natalija Gros . It was a rich experience and essential to my progress. For example, when I was with Natalija who isn't very tall (1,55m), but still the European Champion, I understood that my new goal is
to become flexible. She taught me a lot! You must watch «Chalk and Chocolate» in December. Amazing movie!

What is the purpose of the evolution tour?
Before the journey, I didn't really know what I wanted with this tour. Finally, as the days went by, I begun to understand what I get from all people. I just offer my life and climbing philosophy. Sometimes, the normal people come to speak to me and the first question «Where do you come from? Who are you? «. The reply is here! I have an unusual face and finally if the people look at me on the street, it's because I have a
strange style. It's better to have more consideration, more confidence, more love, more nice meeting...many things of the life. How I did it? Last year, the French gouvernment called me to help me because my event for the disabled climbers works well and is a succes. Amazing! I was like a kid at Christmas. I had a meeting with an official who has kept his promise and then I was received at the French embassies in all the countries I visited. I've done lectures for the handicap association and to proven that climbing is my luck.
After, Petzl, North Face, Beal, La Sportiva and Julbo have helped me. It was so cool that they supported me and had confidence in me.
I started 12 January and it's finished 1 January. But you know? During the travel, I wanted to exchange my climbing experiences with some stars, like Adam Ondra, Thomas Mrazek,
Helena Lipenska, Natalija Gros, Fred Nicole, and some friends like Chris Sharma, Dave
Graham, and Lynn Hill. They talk about my position in the world climbing, what is the consequence with handicap, many things. I have enjoyed these discussions because we haven't the same level and however we are friends and we have kept the contact. Finally, I think that it will be an interesting movie. I look forward to making this movie but before I
must go to Hueco in January.

What have you learnt from it so far?
I learned a lot about myself of course. It's very complicated to answer this question... Many people asked me if I miss something. Sure, I miss my friends but not in a nostalgic way. I miss all the people that I met last week. Strange feeling because many times, I've lived alone in the wood, with no discussion, nothing...

What do you think you can teach other people?
I don't know. Ask at them! When in 2011, my movie will...You'll have the answer;-)

Do you have any big goals or dreams for the future?
Of course, I wanna be a president of the world, to be stupid, to destroy the nature, to have a lot of money, to have the nuclear bomb...just positive stuff.
Seriously, I don't have any particular goals in my life and I will never be disappointed. .

Best climbing experience?
Many experiences, but I think that it was in Mallorca 3 years ago. I opened a route just close the Es Pontas route. I was so proud of that. It was incredible to climb everyday without rope and to fall into the sea. My route is a 6b grade, about 20-25m tall. Quite high but with many pleasures.

Anything else that you'd like the world to know
Take care everybody. Maybe you need an angel. I can find it !

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