3rd 9a/+ for Mrázek, it's only Analogical

The cold has arrived to Cataluña at last and Tomá? Mrázek has done his 3rd 9a/+ in relatively short time, Analogica in the Santa Linya cave, Chris Sharma's 40m+ testpiece from a few weeks back. Chris originally gave it 9a, but as he thinks it's harder than La novena enmienda and Tomá? thinks it's on par with Open your mind direct, they've agreed on 9a/+.
The previous two 9a/+'s, were of course his own Xaxid hostel and Open your mind direct. 
The next project is Neandertal, thought to be in the 9b region. If the cool temps stay, who knows what will happen?!
Photo: Tomá? Mrázek climbing at Santa Linya from Daila Ojeda's blog. Not sure if it's Analogica though.

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