Branson's the hot spot

Branson, the classic but miniscule bouldering crag on the hillside just where the valley turns sharply east (thereby often avoiding the rain) is really in vogue these days. A few days ago Guillaume Glairon-Mondet and Nicolas André used the good conditions to their advantage to make a few impressive sends.
Guillaume made quick work of both La dance des balrogs and La Jonction, ~8A+/B and ~8B respectively, and finished the day off with La traction celeste, ~8A.
Nicolas did La dance... and La traction celeste. He also had a good run on Radja, but it will have to wait till spring.
Photo: Guillaume squeezing a small hold on La Jonction, by Nicolas André.

Afterwards they celebrated in style at Chambre 9 in Chamonix, where Lafouche and Said Belhaj were playing. If ever have a chance to attend one of their sessions, don't miss it!
The full story, in French, can be found on Kairn.

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