Chris Webb-Parsons on the rehab trail

Chris Webb-Parsons has returned from a nasty shoulder injury, which made him think he may never climb again. Fortunately this wasn't the case, and now he's back on rock at Bishop. The first problem he did was The Mandala, 8A+, and a couple of days later, he almost flashed Mystery, 8A+, falling with his hand on the last hold. He must be as strong as ever, right? Well, according to the man himself, this is merely a rehab tour... I caught up with him for a chat.

Hey, that's some come back you've made! Did you expect this?
Hey, Thanks mate, No I did not expect to even be able to climb again haha

You seem to be as strong as before the injury, and you've only been back on rock for, what..10 min? I'm sure you'll be even better when you've got proper skin too!
I'm not as strong as when I hurt my shoulder, that's for sure but I'm happy to just be climbing again right now. I think I could be much stronger than I used to be because when I could not climb it made me realise how much I enjoyed climbing and how much it was a part of my life, so now I'm really keen to try and take my climbing to the next level. After this trip is over I'm going back home to train as hard as I can
This trip I just want to rehab my shoulder and enjoy climbing again.

Oh... so this is rehab... Damn, sounds...almost scary! Have you zoomed in on any projects yet? Rasta man sit perhaps?
Haha, I looked at Rasta Man when I was here last year with my broken shoulder and it looked like it would suit me but I'm not sure how strong I am at the moment, but I'll give it a go near the end of my time here when I get a bit stronger and more confident with my shoulder. I do want to try some harder thing while I'm here but not untill im ready

It must be hard to trust the shoulder 100%. It's always there in your head I suppose. Until then you'll have to be content with flashing the odd 8A+ and 8B, which I'm sure you will, considering
It is hard to trust it 100% at the moment and I think it will be hard to trust it 100% for a while.
To be honest with you only 2 months ago I could not hang on a chin-up bar with one arm so I'm sure the trust will come fast

Yeah, I'm sure you gain trust with every move you do. Maybe you should just wait a while before you go for the super burly shouldery ones
Yep that's right, yesterday I tried the Buttermilker and it hurt my shoulder a fair bit so I will wait a few weeks to try it again. It can be frustrating when I feel the hold on things and the holds feel good but when I jump on my shoulder is weak and I just can't do the moves at the moment but saying that, I'm just grateful to be climbing again

You've got plenty of time and the rocks will still be there. Let it take its time. It's better to come back stronger and do it with the quickness
Yep, That's right, I was talking to my mate Christian Core on Skype yesterday, he told me the same thing and to stay away from things like Buttermiker because if I'm near it then I will feel it calling me and I can't help myself but to try it hahaha
There a reso many great boulders here and I have lots of problems that don't involve shouldery moves, saying that, I have to do a few shouldery moves (easy ones) so my shoulder can get stronger

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1. Chris on top of The Mandala
2. Chris drying out his feet

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