Fred Rouhling back from NZ

Fred Rouhling and Romain Desgranges have spent a few weeks in New Zealand. Fred sent me an email:
"I just came back from Castle Hill. It was an incredible time. The place is wonderful and the boulders are so hard. It was great. I was happy to find this place, boulders are shorts, stand up start and very difficult. Most of the problems are more like games than traditional boulders, it?s fun. I have done a very nice and hard one: Archilles last stand, 8A+, I am short and to do this one it was hard (on the picture the crux move). It was a boulder first done by Chris Sharma in 2005 with a single repeat by Sebastian Lowenstein, it?s the hardest problem of Spittle Hill and Quantum fields, the main area. It?s my 100th boulder problem in the 8th grade, nice. I?ve done some hard and incredible other boulders including Ristretto, 8A and many other.
I don?t do much boulders this time but it?s good to see how a single move can be as hard on the limestone too. That simply shows me one more time, that it's possible to do a horrible route less than 40meters. My latest route project has several moves of this kind and harder. It?s good for my motivation."

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