Ondra does Claret

Adam Ondra just keeps going. "Like a truck in the dessert" as Benny the Cat would put it. Yesterday at Claret, he started off with an onsight of Biotop, 8b/b+, making it the 2nd onsight of that route after Chris Sharma who did it in 2002. Then he went on the resistance route Guère d'usure, 8c, and onsighted that one too. Still feeling fresh, it was now time for Super Samson, a very bouldery 8c with a crux around ~7C+, and to cool down Elzevir, 8b+, a crimpy resistance route. So, that makes tow 8c's and two ~8b+'s. All onsight and all the same day. !!!.
According to eye witness, Nicolas Nastorg who reported to Kairn, the climbing went smooth and it seems he was never really pushed.
According to the same source, Adam is in France to try some projects at a secret spot near Montpellier.
Here's a video of Chris making the first OS of Biotop back in 2002.

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