FRI NIGHT VID: Sylvain Millet climbs Biographie F9a+

Biographie, a F8c+ route at Ceuse that was extended by Chris Sharma to give an overall grade of F9a+, is one of the most beautiful extreme sport routes in the world.

Sharma named his extension Realisation but the locals still call the route Biographie since the custom in France is that the person who puts the bolts in is the one who is allowed to name the route. In this case the bolts were placed by Jean-Christophe Lafaille who gave it the name. Arnaud Petite managed to climb 2/3 of the route and put a new chain in. Sharma then extended it and renamed it.

You can read more about Ceuse, known as the best crag in the world, in this UKC Destination Article.

You can read an article (in French) about the route here on

Here French climber Sylvain Millet climbs the extended version at F9a+:

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