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Back in August 2009 we launched out UKClimbing Facebook page.

Facebook has rapidly become our largest non-Google referrer site, four times bigger than the second-place referrer site

We now have 1967 fans. Can we push it past 2000?

Visit the Facebook page

And don't miss the:

Rad Butts and Creagan Beaulay Fan Club page!

However it's not just our simple Facebook page that we have created...

We have also developed a clever little Facebook Application called Climbing. By adding this 'App' to your Facebook profile you can have a new tab appear called 'Climbing'. Under the tab is a lot of data taken from your UKC Profile including your latest Logbook entries, your latest photo gallery uploads and links to your climbing partners pages, plus your profile information.

To add the Climbing Application to your Facebook profile:

  • Make sure you are logged onto UKC and Facebook.
  • Go to the Climbing Application page.
  • Click on the blue 'Go to Application' button in the top left corner.
  • 'Allow' access and confirm a couple more questions to complete the procedure of adding the application.
  • The tab isn't added automatically, you need to add it yourself by clicking on the + icon on your own profile. This is explained in more detail on the Climbing Application page once you have added the app.

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