Vincent Pochon climbs The Big Island

Vincent Pochon has managed to repeat Dave Graham's The Island at Coquibus Rumont, Fontainebleau, starting lower and to the right, left hand on the big crimp and right hand on a good hold on the right, just left of Conviction. The two moves leading into the original start aren't super hard compared to the rest according to both Vince and Dave, but of course they add to the over all difficulty. Vince thinks it's still 8C though. You start from the right making a cross onto an edge, dive out left, heel hook, then move your left hand, and you're at the start of The Island.
There's also a possible sit down start coming through the roof from the left into the start, which in itself would be ~8B (this according to Graham). This would be hard... but Vince says anything is possible.
Pierre Délas from Kairn has made an interview.
Here's Dave making the FA.

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