9a with the quickness by Ondra (updated)

Beal reports Adam Ondra, who's been working Golpe de estado for a while, has moved over* to Santa Linya, where he has done Edu Marin's Fabela pa la enmienda, 9a, rather quickly. It's hard to know what to call it (as if it's really necessary). You could say 1st go, but according to local sources, he had tried both Ciudad de dios and a project, both ending in Fabela, before climbing the whole thing, and two years ago he did La novena enmienda, which shares the same end. It's all a bit confusing... A very impressive ascent none the less, especially as the end was kinda wet.
Cedric Larcher from Kairn is awaiting more info and I'll try my best too, so stay posted!
Photo: The Santa Linya cave, by Pierre Délas
*Come to think of it, I think Adam worked Golpe... after the Santa Linya session

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