Hardest boulder problems in the world?

The wording got a bit confusing in the post about Daniel Woods' recently opened The Game, 8C+, at Boulder canyon. I said that the only other problem I could think of that could compare is John Gaskins' Shadow play. I got a couple of emails about that... What I meant was NOT that there aren't other problems that could be as difficult. I'm fully aware of the fact that there already are a few out there that have been given, or are considered as possible 8C+'s, such as The wheel of life (Koyamada, repeated by Webb-Parsons), The story of two worlds (Graham), Gioia (Core), Bokassa's fridge-Assassin, monkey and man (Lamprecht) and Il Pirata (Gaskins), but what sets The Game appart from most of the rest, is that it's relatively short, only some 8 moves. I've no idea which would be the most difficult to repeat.

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