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The Mammut Climbing Team are in the Peak District and have been active on some hard gritstone routes.

The team, consisting of David Lama, Anna Stöhr, Alex Johnson, Magnus Midtboe, Jakob Schubert and Céderic Lachat have been ticking some big routes in the last few weeks. Some of the team have had to extend their stay due to the ash cloud that is disrupting flights in Europe.

We don't have full details of exactly which climbers have done what, but David Lama has ticked Parthian Shot (E9), Master's Edge (E7) and Simba's Pride (E8) amongst others.

Interestingly the team's ticklist corresponds almost exactly to a list of routes published in the UKC Forums that have been covered in large chalk tick-marks, a practise that is strongly frowned upon in the Peak District.

VIDEO: Mammut Team In The Peak



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20 Apr, 2010
how long till mammut respond to this?
20 Apr, 2010
The other fun accusation is preplaced runners on London Wall... very dreamy.
20 Apr, 2010
Some high tech camera work, not sure how they achieved it. eg on 37 seconds you can see the shadow of some kind of UFO. Maybe they hired some drones for the filming?
20 Apr, 2010
It's a funky heli-cam... See the Works website
20 Apr, 2010
Hmmm pre-placed runners on many routes (London wall and Quietus what heros) and tick marks all over the place. What a great way to publicise your brand......come back team America!
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