Webb does Jade (video)

After having fallen off post crux three times on RMNP test-piece Jade, ~8B+/C, James Webb decided he needed to find some new beta. Jimmy is a bit taller than everyone else who's done it, and was getting too bunched. When I talked to him two days ago, he said he'd do it tomorrow (which was yesterday), and as he's a man of his word, he simply had to, and promptly made the 7th ascent.

In the video, it looks like a cruise, so I expected him to say it felt easy but:

How did it feel when you sent it? Haha felt terrible was pouring rain... water was running down the boulder... had 2 splits...don't know HOW it happened...just tried reeeeallly hard...

Last week I made an interview with James Webb and Brion Voges

I threw together a clip of the send.. it's nothing spectacular, and there is one small editing flaw....but whatever!

Here's the video:

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