The Stoney Middleton Climbers Reunion - Saturday 11th September

Many people were inspired by Mick Ward's fantastic Tales of Windy Ledge article on, and the thread that followed showed just how much people actually cared about the history of not only Stoney Middleton but of climbing in general.

Windy Ledge. Right to left: Graham Hoey, Al Evans, Paul Cropper, Brian Cropper, Nadim (Big Sid) Siddiqui, Rehan Siddiqui, then don't know, until last figure standing far left: Jim Burton. © Graham Hoey/Mark Scott


Inspired by Mick Ward's article and by a number of discussions with past Peak District activists, I contacted UKClimbing's Mick Ryan to discuss the possibility of holding a 'Stoney Revival Day', to see what he thought and to decide if the idea could be a go-er.  

A fabulous supporter of the heritage of rock climbing in Britain, Mick's response was an unequivocal 'YES' and we decided to jointly move forward with the project.   

“Of course I'll come but I'm not leading anything” ...Jerry Moffatt

Therefore, we have arranged to hold the Revival Day on Saturday 11st September 2010, loosely based around the following:   

Saturday Breakfast


9am - ish: Meet up in the area under Om, Mani & Padme (Prayer Wheel Wall Area) for coffee and pastries supplied by  

Climbing in the shaded limestone dale of Stoney Middleton.  

“Wouldn't miss it for the world. You're doing a fantastic job!”... Brian Cropper

BMC Barbecue and Wild Country Free Raffle


Late Afternoon/Early Evening: Meet up in the area under Om, Mani & Padme for refreshments and some burgers. A great opportunity for socialising and networking, rubbing shoulders with both stars, woodshed regulars, windy ledge wanderers and Stoney cafe dwellers. Wild Country will be giving some freebies away.  

Followed by: Evening in the Moon Inn, Stoney Middleton   

Tom Proctor on Menopause, Stoney Middleton, 93 kb
Tom Proctor on Menopause, Stoney Middleton
© John Kirk



Wild Country Breakfast


For those who decide to stay over and/or appear on the Sunday morning, breakfast will be provided under the soaring majesty of the Mani headwall sponsored by Wild Country.  

  We have arranged for a couple of photographers and filmmakers to attend so that we can get some great shots/video of the people and teams involved in the history of Peak District climbing, so it would be a good idea to pack a comb.   

It would be useful for the organisers to have an idea of how many climbers are intending to come along on the day, so if possible, please let us know by email to:

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