Chris Sharma about "that route at Céüse"

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After Enzo Oddo's ascent of a certain route at Céüse, storm clouds started gathering on the north European horizon. Are we to call the route Biographie or Realization?

Hopefully, before things get any worse, a few words from the man who made the FA, Chris Sharma, can calm this storm.

I named the route Realization because the first part "Biographie" ended in the middle and I wanted to differentiate the two. Then there was some frustration from the French that I changed the name etc. So upon speaking with some French friends, I understood the history of the line and the tradition in France that the bolter names it, and I told them "that's fine with me to call it Biographie".

Most of the time now like in slideshows etc, I actually call the route Biographie. I guess the whole thing was a bit confusing due to the middle anchor and not wanting to discredit the first pitch, or have the name be exactly the same as the first part.

For me personally, people can call it whatever they want. Naming things is just for fun. The perfection of the route speaks for itself. That piece of rock was there long long before us, so to get worked up about naming it is kinda ridiculous.

Couldn't agree more.

Enzo Oddo on Biographie
© Pierre Délas

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17 Aug, 2010
Very well put.
17 Aug, 2010
Didnt realise anything was wrong!
17 Aug, 2010
As above dint realise there was an issue but at least Sharma has come out to kill any issues that came out of it. He has also gone with the local ethics which is always a good thing.
18 Aug, 2010
Not surprising the "fuss" started on 8a forums. Good thing this got nipped in the bud fairly early though before it spread around and got totally out of hand like the last controversy on FRFM. Very well said by chris.
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