And the result

As predicted, my prediction failed...

It was a splendid final however, only spoiled somewhat by Cedric's spectacular performance, which left his fellow competitors with a snowball's chance in hell really. 4 tops in 5 tries. Magnificent! His victory was secured after 3 problems.

Among the women, it was a little bit closer, with Jule Wurm having a tiny chance of stealing Anna's title if she were to top the last problem. As it were, she wasn't even close though, and Anna could make her last minutes on the wall part of the celebration.

Thanks for a great show, and congrats to both competitors and organisers for a job well done!


1. Cedric Lachat/Anna Stöhr

2. Adam Ondra/Juliane Wurm

3. Kilian Fischhuber/Olga Shalagina

4. Jernej Kruder/Olga Bibik

5. Casper Ten Sjithoff/Melissa Le Neve

6. Klemen Becan/Anna Galliamova

Boulder EM

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