Nalle starts ticking - and so does the clock

After taking some days to get used to the altitude, Nalle Hukkataival has began eating his way through the hard problems at Wolverineland/Lincoln Lake.

Unfortunately, it seems the hard problems have began eating their way through his skin, turning the whole thing into an eating contest... But anyway, skin or not, the first major problem to fall was, Daniel Woods' Evil backwards, the first 8B+ in the area.

With only 11 days or so to go before the road closes for the winter(!), Nalle better wrap his fingers mummy style if necessary and keep ticking, cause the clock certainly is.

There are plenty of problems to do in other areas as well however, and Nalle says he and the boys are psyched to go and try James Litz' unrepeated Warpath, a possible 8C, at the City of rocks, Idaho.

Nalle Hukkataival and his fingers
© Nalle Hukkataival

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