Traversi does The Dagger and wants more

Carlo Traversi on The Dagger, 221 kb
Carlo Traversi on The Dagger
© Carlo Traversi

Carlo Traversi, who's spending a couple of months in Europe with Paul Robinson, has repeated Toni Lamprecht's The Dagger, on the Dreamtime boulder at Cresciano, Switzerland.

I finished off The Dagger V14 [8B+] today on my 3rd day of effort. So fucking psyched! Very intense on the core and the toe-hooks. The beta that I developed was quite odd. Most people either climb it backwards or forwards (straight on). I opted for a more sideways method. This resulted in quite a few back flops and some blood to go with it. The send go felt very, very solid, and I'm extremely psyched to try the sit, [~8C/+]. I still have more than a month left, and this boulder is only five minutes from my apartment, so it makes sense to go for it. I messed around and did some of the moves already. There is so much to do in Switzerland! I'm overwhelmed!

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