Full Equip, 8c, by Daila Ojeda

Spanish climber Daila Ojeda has done her 3rd 8c, Full equip at Oliana, near Lleida, Spain. The route was bolted by Victor Fernandez.

Daila says that she fell in love with the route instantly as soon as she tried it, but that it was really sharp. So sharp in fact that she had to tape her fingertips while working it. In the end however, she managed to piece it together for a successful ascent.

Daila's first of the grade was Fish eye at Oliana in February this year, followed by Aitzol, at the popular conglomerate venue of Margalef, which she did a couple of months ago.

Hopefully this means that the Cataluña season is now in full effect.

Daila Ojeda on Full Equipe, 8c, Oliana
© Maria Torres

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