Video: The greatest flasher

© Carlo Traversi

In this climbing documentary by investigative journalists Carlo Traversi and Jon Glassberg, Wallraffing* as boulderers, we get to see what goes on behind the scenes and what it really takes to perform on the cutting edge on what is humanly possible.

*This style of research is based on what the reporter experiences personally after covertly becoming part of the subgroup under investigation.

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6 Dec, 2010
LOL that's all I can say.
6 Dec, 2010
A cheap attempt at trying to get back at the FA for personal reasons.
6 Dec, 2010
Indeed. What a shame some half-decent footage has been used in the context of some rather cheap personal digs.
7 Dec, 2010
Really funny, some quite good acting on the film too!!
8 Dec, 2010
Although, if you don't know or care about such things, it's mildly amusing.
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