FRI NIGHT VID: Dean Potter Free Solo - Separate Reality

In this week's Friday night video we have a classic bit of climbing. Legendary US climber Dean Potter solo's the famous roof crack of Separate Reality.

Potter, a pioneer of FreeBASE (Climbing with out ropes, but with a BASE parachute on your back), has climbed many Yosemite big walls and BASE jumped across the world.

My favourite quote from Dean Potter is when explaining his philosophy behind soloing wearing a parachute he said simply:

"Instead of dying.... I'm flying."

There are no parachutes in this clip though, only horizontal jamming with the well known tricky top out above a death fall.

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18 Feb, 2011
Solid, you cna tell he was crusing. I don't think I'd do it though, I hate jams
18 Feb, 2011
Wow cool or what?
18 Feb, 2011
Sod that - where's the clip of Airlie and Tim Emmett failing on it? To quote a certain well-known UKCer - "I laughed my knob off at that". jcm
18 Feb, 2011
It really was rather good, wasn't it, though are you sure Airlie was there? Who said that, by the way?
18 Feb, 2011
Interesting that you can see where the tip of the o'hang broke off in an earthquake (making the route easier). I had always assumed that tale was apocryphal. Chris
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