VIDEO: Gasherbrum II - Summit Bid

Back on the 2nd of Feb we reported that Gasherbrum II had been climbed alpine-style in winter.

The team of climbers included Cory Richards - a climber, photographer and film maker who captured much of the action on film.

Video footage of the climbers summiting the mountain has now been released:

The expedition was sponsored by The North Face

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16 Feb, 2011
Fantastic film.
16 Feb, 2011
I agree, big serious mountain climbed in the best style possible, can't do better than that.
16 Feb, 2011
Is Cory Richards the same guy who was at Dumbarton with Sonnie Trotter?
16 Feb, 2011
I hate to be a pedant and I mean in no way to belittle their achievement but they aren't climbing alpine style. Tom
16 Feb, 2011
Presumably the leader took the rope up, and rather then belaying them up on it just fixed it so that they could use ascenders? If the leader doesn't use fixed ropes presumably it's still alpine style? They didn't use porters of O2 either.
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