Niccolò Ceria repeats The never ending story

Stories are always popular and this spring is no exception. Paul Robinson has done both The never ending story and The story of two worlds this season, and the other day at Brudberget, Stockholm, nalle Hukkataival and Alex Puccio both did Slap story, but anyway on to today's story.

Italian prodigy, Niccolò Ceria, has repeated The never ending story, 8B+, on the Bach block at Magic wood/Averstal. Niccolò is still only 17, but has already done multiple 8B's. This was his first 8B+.
This problem is a combination of Die unendliche Geschichte* 1, ~8A+, and Die unendliche Geschichte 2, ~8A. There is also an even longer version which tops out, but to do this, it's highly recommended to use a rope.

*Die unendliche Geschichte means The never ending story in German.

Niccolò Ceria is sponsored by: Five Ten, Moon Climbing and Beastmaker

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