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Here are a few more and some less smoking hot news from around the world.

At Fontainebleau, Dorotea Karalus has managed to repeat the slab über classic Duel, 8A, at Franchard Cuisiniere. This news isn't that new as she did it in late March, but better late than never.

A while later in the German Frankenjura, frequent under the radar flyer, Fabian Christof made a very rare repeat of Markus Bock's Montecore, 8C, a feat only Dai Koyamada had been able to do before him.

Finally, and this IS smoking hot, climbing legend Robyn Erbesfield-Raboutou, world champion 1992-96, has repeated Hardboiled, 8A, at Boulder canyon, commenting that They give it 8A but it wasn't too hard to me. Not bad! This means she can still keep up with her son Shawn (12... well 13 in two days) who did his first 8A, Schwerer Gustov at Hueco Tanks, last fall.

Dorothea Karalus doing Duel, 8A:

Source: Klettern

As far as I know, Dorothea Karalus isn't sponsored by anyone!

Robyn Erbesfield raboutou is sponsored by: prAna, La Sportiva, Beal, Petzl and Detroit climbing holds

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17 Apr, 2011
Great to hear Robin Erbesfield is still cranking hard!