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Ruben Firnenburg, 90 kb
Ruben Firnenburg
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Not in Andalucia, but in Catalunya, where Enzo Oddo (16) and Dave Firnenburg (15) have both repeated Chris Sharma's 45m rig Era bella, 9a, in the La visera de la coma sector at Margalef. Enzo has of course fired off several of the grade before and even done 9a+ (Biographie), while it was the first route of the grade for young David.

David's younger brother Ruben meanwhile did Aitzol, 8c, and Via del Quim, 8b+, i the Racó de la finestra sector. Another member of the German team. Alexander Megos managed to onsight Terrence Hill, 8b+.

David Firnenburg is sponsored by: La Sportiva, Polarluchs and Ready for climbing

Source: Be2climb

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