Unjustified - F8c - for Alan Cassidy

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Alan Cassidy, 144 kb
Alan Cassidy
© Lynne Malcolm
Alan Cassidy reports in his UKC Logbook and on his blog that he has redpointed Unjustified (F8c) at Malham Cove, North Yorkshire.

Commenting in his UKC Logbook Alan said:

"3rd day. 3rd proper redpoint. Maybe I'm not as out of shape as I thought. No downclimb, no preclips, just bottom to top in 1 go."

Alan also writes extensively about the route, tactics and grades on his blog:

"Because a route is popular does not necessarily mean it is over graded. It is a real shame that people's hard work and achievements are stripped of them because they are not perceived of as being among the "strong". It is this very attitude of giving hard routes too much respect that holds the general level back in this country. I think that on the continent people are more inclined to try harder routes, whether they are a "somebody" or a "nobody" and this drags the whole community along."

Alan Cassidy is sponsored by Podsacs and CragX

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