Erntezeit, 8c, by Babsi Zangerl

Babsi Zangerl at Melloblocco, 62 kb
Babsi Zangerl at Melloblocco
© Pietro Fritz Frigerio

Babsi Zangerl, formerly(?) best known as a boulderer, has repeated Erntezeit, 8c, at Vorarlberg, Austria.

On her website, she writes that she has been spending more and more time at this crag as she works in nearby Bludenz.
First she managed a fast ascent of Reifeprüfung, 8b+, and then, a month or so later, she bagged Erntezeit.

Babsi says that it's a relatively short and bouldery route, where in particular the first boulder section gave her problems. Although she had no problems doing the single moves, it took her a while to solve this crux. When she finally came through, she was in the flow and did the next crux as well but almost fell at the top as she hadn't really worked out the moves there.
After a grand total of 5 days of work she could clip the chains on her first 8c.

Not bad for an ex boulderer...

Barbara Zangerl is sponsored by: adidas, Black Diamond and Five Ten

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