Therese Johansen in Rocklands

Therese Johansen, 47 kb
Therese Johansen
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Norwegian, Therese Johansen, who made the 2nd ascent of Propaganda, ~8A+/B, has also arrived in Rocklands and began to tick.
So far, she has done Nutsa, 8A/+, No late benders, 8A, and Caroline, 7C+, as well as some easier stuff. Unfortunately, her camera lens is broken, so no photos at this time.

On her blog (in Norwegian), she says she and her boyfriend has had some problems with crazy baboons which made Therese go slightly mental at one point.

Therese, who claims that she is bad at projecting stuff, says the plan now is to try and do Black Shadow, 8A+, and/or Tea With Elmarie with the same grade. She had a quick play on the former the other day and managed to do all the moves. Stay tuned!

Therese Johansen is sponsored by: adidas, Organic and Five Ten

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