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Final score, 30 kb
Final score

If yesterday's women's final was somewhat disappointing in the sense that everyone except Angie Eiter fell in the exact same spot, tonight's men's final was quite a success also for the route setters, lead by Christian Bindhammer.

Before the big three, Ondra, Schubert and Puigblanque entered the stage, Norwegian Magnus Midtboe was in the lead after a tremendous effort. So far, none of the climbers had fallen in the same spot.

Enter Adam Ondra.

Adam passed Magnus' highpoint without looking too pushed, but from the very next move and onwards, it was obvious that he was under pressure. He battled on and very nearly made it to the top, falling with his fingertips on the final jug.

Jakob Schubert's story was very similar. On the last few moves, he looked slightly better than Adam, and if possible, he was even closer to being able to grasp the top jug, but no, it wasn't to be.

Last but not least, Ramon Julian Puigblanque approached the wall. Up to now, he had, like Jakob, a perfect score to defend. No falls in Arco this year.

I'm pretty sure Bindhammer and company were biting their finger nails at this point as another fall touching the top would mean a time consuming super final.

But it wasn't to be. Ramonet climbed steadily all the way to the top, the only hick-up being a missed foot placement four holds or so from the top. The Spaniard showed he had enough in reserve however, solved the problem and could cruise to victory.

Congrats to him!

Oh, and the reason I didn't cover the women's final is I missed it. Simple as that.

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